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About Us

Regardless of an organisations’ size or portfolio or industry, rapid change is the predominant characteristics of today’s business environment. The rate of change has sparked an information explosion that has shaken even the most prestigious commercial enterprises. Agile organisations that can gather the right data, turn it into useful information and respond in a timely and appropriate manner will flourish; rigid organisations will falter. The ability to adapt on a daily basis has become the primary requirement for business success.

In this information intensive environment, companies need knowledge derived from stored data, and they need more. They need powerful and flexible solutions for getting the right information to the right people that need it – quickly. That is why Business Intelligence (BI) and Business Discovery (BD) solutions – tools that access, extract and clean data, analyse and turn it to useful information are a primary focus for businesses that are determined to ride the waves of change.

Adaptive Business Solutions was formed to help organisations adapt to the ever changing business and technology needs. It was started by a group of software professionals who had extensive experience in the Data Warehousing and BI/BD segments. These key personnel are instrumental in delivering and supporting leading-edge data warehouse solutions since the mid 90s. We are also prominent in introducing BI/BD solutions from Qlik since June 2006, are responsible for opening up the market for Malaysia and delivering the first referral sites.