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Since 2006, we have been providing invaluable implementation, development and consulting services to over one hundred companies and agencies in the region.

Mainly our Application Development Services (ADS) covers two distinctive types :- complete out source and technology transfer.

ADS – Out Source
For this, our customers entrusts us with the complete project deliverables. Our development methodology is derived from the popular Agile Manifesto which favours rapid deployment and segregation of development stages according to the speed of development. This enables most applications to be developed and completed within weeks, rather than months or years.

ADS – Technology Transfer
After the initial development and deployment, or, for customers who would prefer to do most of the development themselves, ABS also provides services based on Time and Material costs. In this instance we will engage the customer with the initial training and followed by a set number of man-days services.

Governance and Audit Analytics (GAA)
ABS helps our customers maximise your QlikView investments and data governance with our standard Governance and Audit Analytics. With this information, you can introduce more manageable and repeatable processes when developing QlikView applications, as well as address data lineage and impact analysis questions. You can also ensure compliance with regulatory acts, policies and standards that require an understanding on how data is created, protected and delivered.

Production Server Monitoring (PSM)
ABS helps our customers on QlikView production server monitoring, diagnostics on reload jobs, user accesses as well as provide installation services for any newly released patches or upgrades on the software. We run these periodic reports on a monthly or quarterly basis to ensure that everything runs smoothly on your production server.

Applications Acceptance Report (AAR)
This service can be performed together with PSM and/or GAA. ABS consultants will monitor and advise on QlikView applications and its performance impact. We will perform optimisation services to ensure that applications developed are in tandem with server performance. We will also run a series of qualifying survey questions on the usage and satisfaction of current users and will provide our customers with the QlikView Applications Acceptance Report based on our findings.