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DataRobot - System Requirements

 Linux Platform

The following table shows the recommended minimum configuration for installing DataRobot on a Linux server.


  • Desktop/Server
    Intel Xeon
    E5-2699 v3
CPU Speed (Ghz)
  • 2.3
Cores per CPU
  • 18
Total Cores
  • 36
Total RAM (GB)
  • 256
  • 4x 1TB SSD
.NET Framework
  • 4.5.2


The following table shows an equivalent hardware configuration using Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 Instances. Other public cloud services, e.g. Microsoft Azure, can be used.

HADOOP Platform

The following table shows the minimum configuration required for a Hadoop deployment using DataRobot. The minimum YARN container size is 4 cores and 60GB. An additional 20GB on each data node is required by Cloudera for each data node.