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Qlik Sense Overview

Qlik Sense is a leading edge self-service data visualization development solution that enables business people to easily develop flexible, intuitive business discovery applications based on one’s own set of ideas and ways to see information from data.

It allows users to quickly create stunning visuals, graphs, charts; explore data and reveal its hidden connections and discover business insights from any angle.


The following are the features of Qlik Sense:-

  • Reveal Hidden Data Insights with Interactive Drag and Drop Visualisation
  • Uncover Data Relationships with Smart Search
  • Connect to Multiple Data Sources
  • Accessible from anywhere, anytime and any device
  • Collaborate with Rich Data Story telling
  • Consistent and Governed Libraries of Data
  • Architecturally designed for enterprise deployment


Qlik Sense Desktop

Qlik Sense Desktop allow user create personalized, interactive data visualizations, reports and dashboards. Drag-and-drop makes integrating data from multiple sources easy. Use this free Windows® application to discover more insights in your data in just five minutes.

Qlik Sense Enterprise

Now anyone in your company can easily create personalized reports and dynamic dashboards, explore vast amounts of data and find meaningful insights. Anytime, anywhere.